Friday, April 16, 2010




These are the main features of the module, but there are also many more.

Multiple email newsletters

  • Create as many newsletters as you need.

Plain text or HTML email

  • Subscriber chooses which format to receive, the default can be set to either HTML or plain text.

Multiple schedules

Each newsletter can have more than one schedule, e.g. Daily, Monthly, Quarterly…

Manual or scheduled send out

  • Send manually (‘Send Now’ button), or send every (x) hours, (x) days, or (x) months

Include site content

Restrict to content types (configured across all newsletters)
Filter by category terms (configurable on each newsletter)
Include all new content if no terms are set for a newsletter (option)

Subscriber content control

Subscriber can select which of the newsletter’s category terms they receive content from


Profile info can be added into email

  • Token integration


Templates can use Drupal input formats, e.g. use PHP to create a conditional plain text email
  • Include teaser or full content
Include content/teaser in newsletter based on length

Bounced email handling

  • Deactivate subscriptions after (x) bounces (in development)
  • Track number of bounces (in development)

Email link authentication

’Read more’ links, and account control links, allow users to access the site (based on their role) and their email subscription settings, but without accessing their full site account.

Forward Link

  • Forwarding a HTML email will scramble it, so a forward link can be included in emails which takes recipients to a page of the website where they can easily forward a copy of the newsletter and include their own message


As the name implies, Simple News was developed to provide basic functionality, and it does a great job at that. Over time other modules have been added to extend it with various features, but it was never conceived off as a framework, and we felt it didn’t have the flexibility that was needed.

The Notifications module was also considered, but while being a good framework, the user interface was too complex for this project. In future I’ll look at merging common elements of eNewsletter with the Notifications framework, as they are both very modular and would compliment one another.